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We are fortunate to have hired three outstanding educators, Lynn Engleman, Barbara Hochstetler, and Cindy Pennington, to work with the program. We are transitioning to a regional-based approach. Contacts with schools are being made and trainings are being scheduled. If you have any questions or concerns, we would be happy to meet with you in person.


NOTE: For more information about the three new Project MORE staff members, please see the bottom of this letter.


The Project MORE Annual Conference information was just emailed to everyone last week. We are excited and grateful to be celebrating 15 years of Project MORE success! Based upon evaluations from the May 2013 conference attendees, we moved the location this year to a more centrally located site. Conference programs are almost finalized and will be sent out in the near future.


We have been contacted by a few Project MORE schools asking for clarification of services funded by Project MORE through the Putnam County Educational Service Center. We are pleased to tell you that Project MORE is alive and well, currently funded with Title 6-B dollars ($125,000; Award number H027A140111,CFDA 84.027A) through the Office of Exceptional Children, the same amount as our previous two years.


Former co-director, Amy Freeman, stated in her final email that she and Debby Ambroza are now working through the Ohio Coalition for the Education of Children with Disabilities (OCECD.) We have been asked to clarify the similarities and/or differences between the new volunteer reading program, Mentoring 4 Reading Achievement (M4RA), funded by OCECD, and Project MORE. While our goal is not to critique other programs, after reading the M4RA brochure, we see similarities. Significantly, Project MORE has 15 years of proven success that is validated by independent research.


 We are also concerned about the possible rumors made concerning the future of Project MORE. We assure you Project MORE is alive and well! Project MORE’s success is due to many people, including many of you, who helped the program grow through your time and efforts by taking a “leap of faith” to implement the program and keep it going.


Some of the accomplishments of Project MORE include the development of a positive volunteer mentoring 1:1 reading program that has grown from nine schools to a minimum of 140 current active schools, with many others implementing components, and over 300 schools trained. We have nine years of research data that shows positive results. Through ongoing advocacy, we have been successful at securing funding for 15 years with the initial grant given for only two years. Thanks to Project MORE supporters, we implemented a statewide partnership with the Ohio Department of Aging to provide volunteer mentors for Project MORE schools. We have been funded with public tax dollars and have developed a program that is Effective, Affordable, Replicable, and Sustainable that any school can duplicate with no cost to them from the Putnam County ESC. We have always provided FREE initial training including one follow-up training and we will continue to do so. We are moving to a new approach with regional support and plan to add on-line technology training and support in the near future.


Our conviction is that for 15 years we have always been honorable and kept our commitments to our schools and THAT WILL CONTINUE. The focus of Project MORE has always been helping children, especially children with disabilities.


Along with our partner schools, we are celebrating 15 years of Project MORE success, and looking forward to the next 15 years!




Project MORE Staff

Lynn has been working in the field of education since 1971.  Lynn has been a special education teacher, elementary principal, special education director and an educational consultant with Ohio’s Regional SERRC system and with SST Region 5. She visited several Project MORE sites in Northwest Ohio during the project’s early years and has been a strong supporter of Project MORE since that time.  Her areas of expertise include reading intervention, special education, and school improvement.   

Barbara has been working in education since graduating from OSU in 1973. She served the Lima City Schools from 1973 until her retirement in 2011. Educational experiences includes teaching, Literacy Leader, School Improvement Coach, and SESA teacher-in-residence for a year at the Lima Refinery. She also has attended many conferences/workshops and presented as well. Project MORE became a part of the intervention services at her school and she coordinated this effort and organized mentors to make this program successful. Since retiring she has worked with the SST Region 6 and also is a university supervisor for WSU-Lake Campus for future teacher candidates.


Cindy has been serving the educational community since 1974.  Her experience in the education field has provided her with a broad base of knowledge. This experience includes teaching, special education administration, project implementation, education consulting, parent training and advocacy, and special education compliance in three states. Cindy was an education consultant for 13 years serving school districts and charter/community schools in seven Central Ohio counties. 






How to contact us:

Jan Osborn, Interim Project MORE Director    
Putnam County Educational Service Center -- 124 Putnam Parkway -- Ottawa, OH 45875
Phone: 419-523-5951 Ext 3002 -- Fax: 419-523-6126 -- Toll free: 888-319-3560 Ext 3002

Sandy Maas, Administrative Assistant for Project MORE    
Putnam County Educational Service Center -- 124 Putnam Parkway -- Ottawa, OH 45875
Phone: 419-523-5951 Ext 3035 -- Fax: 419-523-6126 -- Toll free: 888-319-3560 Ext 3035


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