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Funded by Award Number H027A140111, CFDA 84.027A
through the Ohio Department of Education


 “Celebrating 15 Years of Project MORE

Registration is underway for our Project MORE conference scheduled for Thursday, October 23, at Cherry Valley Lodge in Newark. To register, click here. More conference details to be shared in the near future.


Project MORE Trainings

Three Project MORE trainings have taken place recently. Those schools include Sailorway Middle in Vermillion (new school), Pandora-Gilboa and Tri-Village (veteran schools).


Upcoming Project MORE trainings:

   Friday, September 5, 2014  -  Southwest Licking/Etna Elem in Pataskala at 9:30 am

   Monday, September 8, 2014  -  Sandy Valley in Magnolia at 10:00 am

   Friday, September 19, 2014  -  Northpointe Academy in Toledo at 1:30 pm

   Friday, October 3, 2014  -  Lakewood City (time TBA)

   Wednesday, November 5, 2014  -  Parma City (time TBA)


If any of your staff are in need of training, use the online form that will be available on the website by 9/12/2014, or contact the Project MORE office at 888-319-3560 ext 3035, or email


Contact Information for 2014/2015

For current Project MORE contact information, click here.


Changes to Two Yearly Project MORE Forms

With the intention of simplifying forms and making their contents more user-friendly, we have changed our agreement form to a guidelines form. The information we obtain from our schools through the Project MORE Partnership Guidelines and Project MORE Demographic Data forms allows us to advocate for veteran and new schools, as well as future Project MORE schools. The data submitted by schools will help support our request for future funding.



Learning A-Z

Learning A-Z agreement states that users of Learning A-Z resources/materials must have a current license. Learning A-Z has extended their special pricing for renewal of a Reading A-Z license, which includes Reading-tutors license, to existing Project MORE schools - $79.95 by using promo code prjctmr2013



Optional Upgrade Available to Project MORE Schools ($60)

Please note that ALL of Learning A-Z leveled books along with many other book types including high frequency word and decodable books are now also available digitally for reading on laptops and tablets. This option can save much time and trouble normally spent on printing, assembling, and storing books.

Learning A-Z offers an additional license, Reading Solution, at a cost of $60 in addition to all of the RAZ and Reading-Tutors resources. This license gives subscribers up to 36 students a password that grants access to over 1500 digital books that can be read or listened to online. Students are also able to record themselves reading. Recordings can be sent to the teacher or Project MORE coordinator who, in turn, can send a personal message back to the student. The system generates reports to the site Project MORE coordinator on number of books read, reading rate, and level progress. Project MORE schools would have the option of having the mentoring session on a desktop, laptop, or tablet. Each book has a quiz online that is auto graded. 




How to contact us:

Jan Osborn, Project MORE Director    
Putnam County Educational Service Center -- 124 Putnam Parkway -- Ottawa, OH 45875
Phone: 419-523-5951 Ext 3002 -- Fax: 419-523-6126 -- Toll free: 888-319-3560 Ext 3002


Sandy Maas, Administrative Assistant for Project MORE    
Putnam County Educational Service Center -- 124 Putnam Parkway -- Ottawa, OH 45875
Phone: 419-523-5951 Ext 3035 -- Fax: 419-523-6126 -- Toll free: 888-319-3560 Ext 3035


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